Ragdoll kittens for sale 45 mintues south of Portland Oregon

We invite you to visit our Cattery. The potential colors we have or plan to are Blue, Seal, Chocolate, and Lilac.

Potential patterns are Bicolor, Mitted, Point, and any color or pattern can be Lynx with some of our babies.

Our beautiful Ragdoll cats are given lots of attention. Their dog like characters are so irresistible. We breed for Show/Pet quality. Acquiring a Breeder from us requires strict guidelines and an interview. We don’t, as a rule, sell breeders.

Our babies are raised underfoot. We play cat and mouse as they try to sneak onto our counters and table. We have a medium size dog they get to hang out with. The little babies are so cute, it’s hard to see them go. We know somebody will love them as much as we do!

Congratulations to AngelicaRagdoll Sugar, daughter of Loki and Luca Belle. She won:

6th best AB kitten in 2014



Congratulations to AngelicaRagdoll Liam, son of Loki and Luca Belle. He won:

Champion in 2014
BEST Seal Lynx Point Ragdoll in the NW Region and
3rd Best Seal Lynx Point Ragdoll Internationally

Liam's Show picture

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