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This site was updated 11/23/2015

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All pets and Show Alters come spayed or neutered, no exceptions.
All kittens must be 12 weeks old before they go to their new home.
We usually update our site the day you reserve.
Kittens are $960.
Here is the breakdown of that price.

Kitten $ Vet Spay/Neuter $
Airlines/Vehicle $ Total $
$875       + $85                  ——– $960
$875 + $85 Vehicle $1.5/mile Varies
$875 + $85 $55 + Airline ticket Varies
$875 + $85 $55 if you travel on
airline with kitten

Reservation list for a kitten of your choice.

1. Han/Shi wants a blue lynx mitted/bicolor male

2. Ken wants a Bicolor Female

3. Kristin wants a Blue Point kitten

4. Michelle wants a Blue Lynx Bicolor kitten

5. Marce wants a kitten


Dusty had her kittens 8/17/2015

ShandraSold to Jennifer
Shandra – Seal Point Lynx
Parents: Dusty and Xcelsior

BaxterSold to Nero
Baxter – Determining color – Male
Parents: Dusty and Xcelsior

Stardust had her kittens 7/27/2015.

JazzSold to Tracy
Jazz – Blue Mitted Male
Parents: Star Dust and Kandyman

BellaSold to Neil
Bella – Seal Mitted Female
Parents: Star Dust and Kandyman