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This site was updated 6/28/2015

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All pets and Show Alters come spayed or neutered, no exceptions.
All kittens must be 12 weeks old before they go to their new home.
We usually update our site the day you reserve.
Male kitten prices are $775 to $875. Female kittens are $875.
Please contact for show quality price.
There is an
$85 spay/neuter fee.

Dusty will be bred when she comes in heat.

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Reservation list for a kitten of your choice.

1. Han/Shi wants a show quality blue lynx mitted/bicolor male

2. Deena wants a Seal female

3. Deisiane wants a Seal mitted kitten

4. Ken wants a Bicolor Female

5. Cindy want a Seal Bicolor kitten

6. Kristin wants a Blue Point kitten

7. Michelle wants a Blue Lynx Bicolor kitten

8. open

Robin was bred. Her due week is July 12th.


Sugar’s litter was born 4/6/15. They will be 12 weeks old June 29th and ready to go about a week later after their neuter. There are 5 males.

AntonReserved for Lindsey
Anton – Blue Lynx Mitted Male
Parents: Sugar and Xcelsior

Chaplin1Reserved for Sondra
Chaplin – Blue Bicolor Male
Parents: Sugar and Xcelsior

LoganLogan – Seal Bicolor Male
Parents: Sugar and Xcelsior

RunyonSold to Dan Qin
Runyan – Blue Bicolor Male
Parents: Sugar and Xcelsior

TeddyReserved for Matt
Teddy – Blue Lynx Bicolor
Parents: Suga
r and Xcelsior


Loki is retired now and is ready to go to a new home. He will do fine with other pets.

We also have two other adult Ragdolls who need a new home.
One is a female who has been my first pet Ragdoll I have ever owned. Her character is more like a regular cat than a ragdoll.
The other available cat is one that needs a quiet home without other animals and children as he is easily stressed.