Our Policies

Kitten Price.xlsx


$250 plus 3.2% (automatic PayPal fee) non-refundable deposit will reserve the kitten of your choice. The $250 deposit will go towards the total cost of the cat. You can place a $150 plus 3.2%(automatic PayPal fee) refundable deposit to get in line for a kitten as well. The drawback to the refundable option is that you could get bumped if we don’t hear from you within a couple days of our efforts to reach you. Such a case is rare though. The non-refundable rule will apply to you once you’ve picked one out. The 3.2% (PayPal fee) will automatically be charged when using PayPal. Kittens are $875 + $85 spay/neuter fee.


We aim to breed for show quality, however, pet quality kittens are born too. Though we fall in love with each precious one, we can not keep them all. So, we must find forever homes for them. We don’t sell breeders to just anybody. Obtaining a breeder from us will require certain qualifications.


Option 1:
You have the option of your new kitten being hand delivered to the airport nearest you. You would pay for the price of the round trip ticket for the delivery person and the typical $75 pet charge that most airlines have. If we hand deliver, we prefer to use Alaska Air first or Southwest second. These are the cheapest. We consider them the best when it comes to their customer care.

Option 2:
Regular pet shipping in cargo is generally $250 and there is cost of the carrier, bedding, and vet exam for the airlines. If a kitten is several pounds larger the airline cost goes up slightly. Your local airport may cost more too. But non of it goes very high.  Your kitty will remain with us until paid in full.

Option 3:
If you need to meet half way at a long distance, add $1.50 per mile starting from Colton, OR.


You will be able to take your new Ragdoll home when payment is made in full and has cleared if payed by check.


This contract will answer many of your questions about what we do with the care and vaccinations of our Ragdolls. Please read the section on what to feed your new kitten. Click the link below to view and print.
Angelica Ragdolls Contract